Neal Pope  
          "The Breakthrough Guru" 
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                        Women's Wellness 
Bodywork  -  Holistic Healing  -  Spiritual Guidance 

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Unlock yourself
* Holistic Healing 
*  Life Coaching 
*  Spiritual Guidance
My mission is to empower women to heal into their authentic selves, aligning them with their true God-given purposes for vibrant living, so they can live their lives with confidence, passion, and purpose...


                                      Do you feel broken inside? Picture yourself looking into a mirror. Is this the woman you see?


1. She is a strong-willed and passionate woman who doesn’t let anything affect her. She goes through life sliding through all sorts of problems, heartaches, dysfunctional relationships, disappointments, and mistakes. Yet, she still smiles throughout her day, like nothing is wrong.

2. She is the woman who instantly cheers others up with her beautiful smile. The woman who brightens up everyone's day and seems like she has an infinite amount of love for everything around her. The woman who carries the burden of this world yet looks like she hasn’t got a single care on her mind.

3. People look at her and think she has it all. She’s got her life together. She’s strong and successful. Little do they know, that’s exactly what she decides to display of herself. She appears to have a rock-solid heart and an I-can-do-it attitude, but that’s the side of her she allows others to see.

4. She seems unbreakable, but not a single person knows what it feels like inside her heart. Most can’t imagine the pain she’s carrying inside. They see her during the day, all dressed up with her lovely promising smile when she has the energy to pretend. No one knows how she looks and feels after a long day of struggling to get it together. She finally lays on her bed and the nightmares start to unravel, because she’ll never let anyone see her vulnerability…

5. She’ll always be there to lift your spirits when you’re feeling blue, but when she feels the painful urge to cry her heart out, she’ll just swallow her tears away until she has the chance to immerse in her solitude and let her pain flow. Whenever the world is coming too hard on her and she’s on the verge of a breakdown, she deals with it by herself. She prefers to suffer in silence because she’s too afraid to show her flaws to the cruel, vile world. She’s too afraid to undress her soul naked and reveal it to others.

6. She is the loudest and the most cheerful girl. Everyone’s ray of sunshine. The vibrant one. The ultimate problem-solver. They all come to her begging for solid advice about their issues or struggles. Who would know she has some of her own?

7. She’s always the one who knows what to do, so they expect her to always have herself together. Nothing in life can break her. She just nods and offers the much-needed consolation about their first-world problems while the whole time, she keeps her own burdens hidden deeply inside. After all, “none of my issues should be their concern”, she says to herself. All the while, her insecurities, fears, and inner demons continuously torture her.

8. She appears to have indestructible shiny armor, but her harmful emotions put her down and destroy her. Her insecurities meddle with her confidence, her fears kill the last hopes for finding happiness and her demons make her feel worthless. A useless nobody.

9. She is powerful and she’s brave! She’s struggling, but every day she decides to just move forward, in spite of the sorrow and the intense heartache. She doesn’t see that she’s indeed strong. After everything, she still finds a way to get herself up in the morning, dig up the last bit of hope and smile through the pain.


She doesn't have to “feel broken inside”. Through spiritual healing, emotional resetting, self-love and mindset coaching, her energetic blockages, insecurities, and mental boundaries can be recognized and removed. Thus, allowing her to grow in all areas of her life, even in some that she may not even realize she can.

The results of these methods and practices are undeniable and amazing! If even a small portion of this resonates with you, then this may be the answer you’ve been waiting for. You won't know if you don't try. You are not and don't have to be alone in this...