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The Lord wants me to share my dream, His Purpose for me, with everyone. So here goes…

So, most of you know what I do (as a job) and the physical location from which I do it. My current work space has an energy about it that everyone that enters says, they just love. It is truly an amazing space that has allowed me to connect with my clients on a personal, one on one level. However, this space doesn’t have room for additional growth, and even the energy seems to need space to grow. So, the growth is happening…

My “Purpose”, to put it simply, is to reach more people and to teach more people. To do this, a larger space for healing is needed. But this can’t just be any space. It must be a space that naturally draws people in. A space that makes you want to give thanks for God’s many blessings. A space that is warm and inviting, yet large enough to host events for many. Are you beginning to get the picture? This picture has been going back and forth, in my mind, for so long, I feel like I’ve already been there. Welcome to the vision in my mind, Agape Healing & Retreat Center.  There will be peaceful areas to enjoy nature, lounge by the pool, take a serene stroll through the woods, or possibly join in a group activity for exercise, learning, or self-growth. There will be a multi-purpose building dedicated to group activities such as yoga, Thai-yoga, Thai-chi, sound baths, meditation, seminars, mindset coaching, etc. This retreat will have lodging available as well. Come alone or bring all of your friends, co-workers, or foes (because they wont be foes after), and spend the night, a weekend, or a whole week.

That’s not all. What I haven’t mentioned yet is the healing center portion of the retreat. The healing center will offer the best of the best when it comes to bodywork services. Whether your goal is regular maintenance for therapeutic healing or to just to be pampered, you will find it there. There will be multiple therapists on staff to offer these services. These therapists will be hand picked for their knowledge, skillset, and gift of touch. They will truly be masters of their trade.

Agape Healing & Retreat Center will offer the serenity of the woods, to retreat from the urban world; the healing center for body and mind; and the positive healing energy from nature all around; you will never want to leave.

The location has already been chosen, and is for sale. It can and will be the perfect location due to its already serene and secluded setting. Additionally, this location was originally built as a church retreat with a recreation center, commercial style kitchen and dining room, a lodge for overnight guests, and two more house style buildings. Although, it hasn't been purchased yet. 

After the purchase, much has to be done to get ready for business and before opening the door to the first guests. 

Here is the initial to-do list, that is necessary prior to opening:

1. Purchase of property

2. Property and building assessment

3. Building and utility inspections

4. Construction permits filled

5. Roofing removal and re-install

6. All utilities brought up to code 

7. Interior walls re-installed.

8. Exterior and Interior walls painted

9. Flooring re-surfaced

10. Pool pump/filter replacement and cleaning

11. Walkways cleared and additional walkways added

12. Bring all restrooms up to working order

13. Build beds for all rooms in the lodge

14. Kitchen renovation

15. Install laundry facility

Financial Goal to Grand Opening $500,000.00

Your contribution, large or small, is greatly appreciated.

Donations are not tax deductible since we are not a 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt organization.