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Cheri Houle - July 18, 2018

I am so thankful for Neal  and his pelvic floor work which is absolutely amazingly, wonderfully painful, yet fabulous and definitely incredible for reducing restrictions through the pelvic floor and giving significantly greater Range of Motion with less pain.  Prior to my Monday night therapy session, I could only do squats and get to parallel with my thighs. After Neal worked on me I was almost able to touch my butt to my heels. I have consistently felt better over these next few days 

Thank you Neal. I appreciate all you do


Vicki Piccirilli - May 3, 2018

So, Neal  posted something this morning, in "The Guru's Daily Guide" that rocked my world and brought me to tears. It not only hit close to home, it hit the bull's-eye. Everything he shared was exactly what I experience and didn't know how to put into words.

I would bet that most women feel like this every now and then. I used to deal with this daily; much less now thanks to my friend!

I started going to Neal for massage therapy over two years ago. He was the only one that got rid of my neck and shoulder pain that was causing constant headaches. He's a gifted holistic healer and over time, as I trusted him more and as God led, he began to help heal mental, emotional and spiritual hurts as well as physical ones. Multiple times, I've felt the Holy Spirit's love, care, concern and healing touch come through Neal.

Jesus heals all who come to Him and sometimes He uses vessels to aid the healing process. Thank you, Neal for being one of the vessels God has put in my life to chase down my healing and freedom!


Melissa Olsheski - May 3, 2018

Neal is an incredible resource and therapist for women learning to love themselves, and needing/desiring to heal or grow in a multitude of ways...  From massage therapy, to energy work, to counseling… He is a passionate, gifted holistic practitioner! Blessed to have him in my life!...


Rose Plisco - February 26, 2018

OK so I have to boast about how amazing my massage was today!! First it started off with a 15min  Himalayan Salt Soak, in the outside hot tub .... Then onto the massage table for a 1 hour  Meraki massage and then finally onto the outside wet table  for a  full body scrub and then an outdoor, stand up, shower...I could not be more relaxed and my skin feels baby soft!!! I feel totally refreshed... You need to contact Neal Pope for this amazing experience...I can't express how amazing this was!!


Sharon Crawley - January 11, 2018

I had my first massage from Neal on Wednesday. It was an A++++ experience. His initial greeting, voice, and attention created an instant atmosphere of calmness and peace. Neal takes time to listen to his clients and is interested in their physical and spiritual conditions. He also takes time to tell clients about his background before the massage begins. There is no rush to begin the massage. The initial "get to know each other" is important and focused. Neal uses his own combination of massage techniques (he calls Meraki) to meet his client's needs. You may soak in the hot tub before beginning the massage if you desire. (This is so calming and relaxing.) The massage begins with essential oils, followed by warm coconut oil. His strokes are long and smooth, sometimes light, sometimes strong; and his focus never leaves his client. I am now totally spoiled and eagerly look forward to my next massage with Neal in two weeks. He is a holistic healer.


Amy Diel - December 28, 2017

Where to begin….Neal was referred to me by one of his clients. I had been at a point of “rock bottom” in my life and figured either give Neal a chance or go see a Physician who would probably just pump me with medications, which is not what I needed. Although I did not quite understand the healing works he provided I was intrigued by the process of learning: I guess one could say I have an inquisitive mind. I met with Neal with intentions of receiving a “great” massage, but what I learned proved to be much more. The professionalism he emitted through detailed explanation was enough to entice my excitement to know more; his training, skills and experience awoke a yearning for new energy, balance and well-being I never knew existed within me; and his delivery of services, guidance and understanding proved to be impeccable. I continue to be guided by Neal on a weekly basis and truly feel complete change in my life. I am a work in progress and with every session I become more balanced, completely connected to my life as it is now, and empowered to be exactly who I was created to be. For this, I am truly grateful. The first day I laughed (hysterically) when Neal told me I was a Goddess. Today, with his guidance, I am becoming even more.

Vicki Piccirilli - December 6, 2017
Grateful for my session with Neal today as once again I received not only the best massage I've ever had (it no longer makes sense to pay twice the amount at a spa because it doesn't come close to comparing) but his therapy also removed the burden and stress I walked in with and never should have been carrying. I need the drive home to come back to reality! #walkingonacloud #nothinglikepeace
Melissa Olsheski - October 21, 2017
I’ve been meaning to write this post for weeks! Many might not think of massage as a modality for weight maintenance, but I thought I’d give a shout out for one of the “lesser” thought-of benefits of regular bodywork. I’m a pretty active and conscientious preventative health person, so I work out regularly, try to eat healthy (most of the time), and track my weight every morning. It never fails... the next morning post-treatment (and for several days following) my weight is always down 1-4 pounds. It tracks back up slightly over the week to my “plateau/regular” weight, usually in time for my next week’s massage, but since my body and I are happy with my current weight (which will always fluctuate some), this pattern proves something very important to me... Regular massage can be an integral part of one’s weight maintenance!! I completely believe, that through the circulatory process, the lymphatic drainage, the detoxification process and the soft tissue manipulation which creates an optimal environment for cell oxygenation, etc. (and combined with energy flow through chakra balance (if you’re taking advantage of combined physical/energetic therapy, which I highly recommend), that Neal’s services definitely take you “beyond relaxation” and assist with one’s overall health... body mind & spirit! Thank you, Neal for being part of my regular self-care and “maintenance”! (Since none of us are getting younger, we can definitely get BETTER at Bodywork by Neal!)
Judy McCartney - October 6, 2017

After moving here from Sedona, AZ, I found Neal as one of the very few therapists in the area who knew Manual Lymphatic Drainage and had some experience with it. Neal was interested in my lymph disease and researched it further so he could help me with the painful symptoms. In the year of working with him, he also recommended other modalities at different times to help keep my lymph flowing and my spirits up.  His work space is calming and perfect; his innate intuition helps find the issues as they occur and he is much more than a masseuse with his God-given talents. 


Betty Fly - October 4, 2017
The experience was emptiness of mind & full of pleasure. I left with high emotions & deep thoughts. Knowingness formed from silence. This healer's touch moves more than just the flesh. Continued self-care is a support system for your dreams, physically present, mental escape, and grounded. As the veil is fastened, the loss of light plays across your eyes and creates a void full of possibility when you just let go...
Karen Avery - October 2, 2017
I just had a Conscious Touch Session with Neal! I usually prefer Prism or Meraki as they are soooo relaxing. Neal is intuitive as to what modality I need most and always asks my input as to what I think I need! He is truly a masterful healer! You wont find his type of services anywhere else! And you wont be disappointed.
Ellen D'Auria - September 16, 2017
I just want to thank you for caring so much about my well being.  Whether I have specific problems or just need some relaxation, your massage always makes me feel better.  Between your knowledge and your special touch you make my visit a totally wonderful experience.  Thank you, Ellen D'Auria  
Michelle L. Humbles‎ - September 14, 2017
I wanted to take a moment to share how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Neal's spiritual awakening service is. Now, this is not your I am in need of relaxation or could really use a massage or balancing experience... It is an I am ready to see my life in a whole new light and find unknown power type of experience!! I have been open to / working with energy work for almost 10 years. Not consistently or with too much intensity, however, I was at a place where I have been ready for a big change, not sure what path to take, overwhelmed with stress and decisions. Neal, being as intuitive as he is, suggested I try the spiritual awakening service with my one-hour appointment. Knowing he usually knows what my energy and my current state could best benefit from when I show up I said: "Sounds great!" HOLY WOW! Throughout the service, I was able to see what is coming next for me, awaken and intensify my energetic spirit and as cheesy as it sounds, become spiritually awakened. I could feel my energy flowing with power and intention throughout every part of my body. At moments it seemed as though my energy was going to burst out of my skin. All my senses were heightened and as I previously said, I felt an awakening that left me feeling like I was experiencing life for the first time! If you are feeling at a crossroad or like you could use some new life brought into your world... you absolutely must try Neal's spiritual awakening!
Melissa Olsheski‎ - September 14,2017
Another awesome treatment day today! I highly recommend a body scrub after whatever favorite bodywork you receive at Bodywork By Neal! Thank you Neal, as always, for being such an important part of my self-care routine! Our bodies are our temples... the only place to live, and the home for our souls! Blessed to have the care of a holistic healer that helps my body/mind/spirit rebalance throughout this busy life!
Rachell Moodie - August 25. 2017

WOW! what an enlightening session this morning. I have been going to Neal regularly since December and TODAY'S session was like nothing I've ever experienced. I went in looking for spiritual enlightenment and energy work... And boy did I get it. At the end of the session, I felt like the top of my head was removed and there was this warm light pouring into me, through me, and out my toes! Neal described it as my crown chakra. I I'm not familiar with the chakras but I will definitely be looking into what that means :-) super grateful to have found Neal Pope!

Michelle Staley - August 18,2017 

I haven't seen this state of being in a LONG time. Completely relaxed in a state of good energy. Thank You Neal Pope for helping me begin my journey to peace! My husband will thank you when he returns to find me in a better state of mind!


Lori Weinfurt - August 9, 2017
Let me start off by saying that I've been having massages for 16 years now and have had my share of massage therapists in Tucson, AZ and in Tampa, FL.  I recently moved to Spring Hill, FL and was looking for a new massage therapist and came across Neal Pope. He had A LOT of great reviews so I figured I'd give him a try. From the initial phone call to the massage I had today  has been nothing like I've experienced before.  His energy is amazing and  I think his hands are magic . I'm already feeling the best I've felt in quite sometime. I can only imagine how good I'm going to feel going to see him on a regular basis.
Thank you for sharing your energy and healing powers Neal!  ~Namaste~
Vicki Piccorilly - July 6, 2017
I'm so grateful for this heavenly piece of therapy that has kept me in a posture ready to receive all that God has had for me! Nothing like balance, harmony, peace, love and joy to keep you focused and centered. Thank you, Neal Pope.
Gina Formichelli Desmond - February 21, 2017

Thank you for the amazing bodywork yesterday! I am still feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and I was so impressed with your expertise, your relaxing space, and how comfortable you made me and my sister feel. I have so much respect for what you created and I am definitely coming back when I'm in town again. Namaste!


Dawn Elizabeth Hoffman - Jan 1, 2017

THANK YOU, Neal! This morning's massage was absolutely magnificent. I loved the meraki style you designed---thai stretches (only MUCH nicer), Swedish arm strokes, tender and constant touch. Yoga sound healing and attention to chakras; the nature on the patio with Sunshine!!! What a great setting! What a great start to our relationship with that pre-treatment interview! Wholly relaxing and comfortable. Can't wait to see you again....Rachell Moodie, I loved this birthday gift❤


Amber Trautman - March 14, 2016
Based on recommendations I saw Neal today for an over due massage. The space is beautiful and peaceful, very clean and organized. Neal is an exceptional professional whom catered to my high expectations. Looking forward to my next massage in the very near future. Thank you!
Aja Moore‎ - February 8, 2016
It's always a great experience seeing Neal and feeling what the master has in store! This session a new technique was incorporated, hot stones! Oooh my what an experience, the heat from the rocks and placement gave instant relaxation! I have had hot stones before but not like this. Which doesn't surprise me being that Neal is a one of kind bodyworker. Having the stones placed in key trigger points really helped me fall into deep relaxation sooner! The essential oils in the room are a great addition, the smell of calm and peaceful relaxation!
The signature floating was even brought on almost immediately... Away into the flute music I drifted! Massages from Neal are always a complete mind and body experience for me. They leave me in a relaxing fog, and feeling like I am walking in clouds ☁! Neal has hands 🙌 that just guide the pain away! Then being able to soak in a jacuzzi, is just icing on the cake! Not just any hot tub but a saltwater one, skin becomes incredibly soft and silky 😌!
I am so thankful that Neal has taken the time to not only study massage therapy but to continue to learn and integrate new things. The possibilities are truly endless with Neal the master bodyworker! He allows me to choose everything, if I have trouble areas or just need to relax, the techniques, even how I want to be on the table.
I hope everyone gets to experience what I do! Until next time. Namaste

Carol Fernandes - January 12, 2016

Wow!! Feeling you need a massage for all those aches and pains? Then don't forget about Bodywork by Neal.

Went in today was in pain, left there not in pain that should tell you everything. Neal you are the best and anyone who wants to have a great experience then Neal is your guy.


Miranda Cutrole - October 7, 2015

I am grateful to have experienced such incredible results from my sessions with Neal! Upon meeting him for the first time.. I could sense his caring and relaxing nature. His presence alone brought my mind at ease. The moment he knew I was in pain he didn't hesitate to get me in and help to relieve my discomfort. That's how you know he truly cares about your well-being. It's his passion to do whatever he can to make you feel better :)

His understanding of the anatomy of the body, and his ability to do exactly what is needed, is astounding. Once I was on his table, I knew I was in trusted hands, as he made it a point to be sure I was completely comfortable. My primary concern was the pain in my left shoulder. This has been an ongoing issue, on and off, between numbness, tingling, and a horrible aching pain I've dealt with for a couple of years with next to no relief! Then when it came time to finally get treated and I began my weekly massages with Neal.. I wonder why I didn't start sooner!! Right away he knew that shoulder wasn't my only concern, but he did focus a lot of his attention on the area. His hands know exactly where they need to go and what to do to ease any discomfort you may have. By the end of our session, my body had never felt so relaxed. I felt lighter, as if I were floating... the heaviness our tension is capable of is very detrimental to the body.. but I could feel that weight finally lifting! The pain these muscles have been causing me practically melted away.. it was such an amazing feeling... I found someone who is able to give me real relief!! 

I wouldn't think twice to schedule again with Neal, and you shouldn't either! He truly is remarkable at what he does, and he is an extremely talented massage therapist. You will have to discover it for yourself. He is a blessing to us all...
Amber Rose Plisco - September 3, 2015
Two days ago I got my first massage in over a year.....I had never been to Neal before ....we all know as a woman going to a man for a massage we tend to be a little Leary .... I can honestly say that he is a total professional....the room is set up to total serenity and it is very easy to relax....he has amazing hands and I felt 100 % better....I have never been one to keep up with things but since he has such awesome specials I will be doing this regularly .... I was getting tingling in my fingers while cutting hair and now that is gone and my left shoulder was out and I couldn't even put it behind me but now that's better too and all within one massage....I can't wait for my next one....if you have been thinking about getting a massage whether it's for relaxation or pain should schedule now!!!! Don't wait....I wish I would have done this week's ago...if there is someone you would like to buy a gift for....this is that gift....there is no better gift then that if relaxation...makes us all much nicer people....schedule now before I take all his appointments :-)
Aja Moore - August 31, 2015
Post massage update:
I am feeling fabulous still, body relaxed and mind cleared. The down fall it's Monday which means I should be working, yet all I can think about is my next session :)
One of the best night's of sleep I have had in a long time, actually slept through my first 2 alarms.
My back and shoulder's feel normal again, I forgot what it feels like to not be tense. I can't say enough good things about Neal, he is definitely worth every dime. Everyone needs to experience it at least once. Nothing beats feeling like your floating on a cloud for a whole evening!
Laura Ellingham -
I am a regular client of Bodywork by Neal and I cannot tell you the many benefits I have continued to see over the past year! In the event that you are looking for energy work or massage, Neal is known by healthcare professionals as the healer of healers. He provides one on one care from start to finish and is a master at his trade. If you are considering it, don't hesitate as it truly is a life-changing experience!
Brandy Figueroa -
An experience like no other. Neal provides an education on how the body should be treated. I was treated with the upmost respect, care and professionalism. I would highly recommend to anyone as he provides a variety of services that are sure to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Do not waste any time contemplating getting work done as the schedule fills fast. Thank you for an epic experience.